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đŸ”¥Historical Daily Results +7.92% which brings my average to 4.94% per day!

Though the market was very volatile, we went into trading take several sell positions.

I was unable to take as many sell positions as the coach because of some type of limitation on my account, so I only had three sells placed, while my coach had at least four that I could see. Also, one of the cool things about the new proprietary software they’re releasing is that there is a ‘Close All Trades’ Button that I’ll eventually be able to use, which makes it really easy to close everything up quickly. I had to do it manually because, obviously, the software has yet to be released.

But as you can see the results were well worth it! Now, I’ve officially won for the day and I can rest easy. Later tonight at 8pm EST there is a FULL business presentation being done

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Here is a screen shot of the markers on the opening chart for today’s trading!