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Getting Started with Crypto Digital Lifestyle

Crypto Lifestyle Basics

Follow this advice to save your digital life!

Crypto Lifestyle Basics

This is a basic primer video that goes over very important prerequisites you’ll want to take note of as you begin your journey into the crypto investment space! This video should be sent to anyone that you are helping get into the crypto space! TAKE NOTES!...

Learning these 3 things will save you SSSSOOO much misery in the future!

A little crypto safety lesson for those of you diving into the digital world, especially the digital financial world!

Metamask Setup Guide

A simple video Guide on how to install Metamask on your Mobile or onto your PC and set it up to use on Binance Smart Chain Network.

What Do I Use For My Crypto?

When using crypto it is good to know what to use for storage, transacting and exchanging crypto.