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How to make $200 a day with a drone. Okay, so first you’re gonna need to make some custom door hangers for your new aerial home photography ▪ ▪ business.

People love their homes and we’ll be curious to see them from the sky, which is why this works. One quick tip here is to ▪ actually hand write your phone number on the back. I heard this from a long time door-to-door sales guy, and he said it drastically increased the amount of calls they’d get.

Next, take your door hangers around town ▪ ▪ and hang them. Neighborhoods that are a little more spread out are typically best for this. Once you get your first call, go out with your drone, send it up and take the picture of their house.

You don’t need a ▪ thousand dollars drone to get a great picture. Mine was like 300 bucks. Can even shoot in ▪ 4K and works just fine. After you get your shot, go to a ▪ McDonald’s parking lot for the free wifi and edit the image to your liking. You can also add text if the ▪ customer wants it.

Once you’re ▪ done editing, you just send the image to a printing service and then head to Walmart to buy a frame while you’re waiting for it to print. This usually only takes about an hour.

Now you just put your print in the frame and deliver it to your ▪ customer. I’ve seen people charge $200 plus to do this, and even if you only charge one 50 per house and did two per day, you would still profit around $200 after expenses for the print and frames follow for more peace. ▪ ▪

How to make $200 a day with a drone! Here are the links to everything you need:
– Make and print your door hangers, and final image using Canva, and printed by office Depot:
– An inexpensive drone kit:

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Shout out to Stevie Sells for this amazing idea!