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This is the setup instructions for 8 Minute Trader project:

Simple 3 step process to create your FREE account


*When enrolling, make sure that you put “edstermabob” as your referrer (see below and video for instructions)

For the video guide of this, CREATED BY MY UPLINE Jacob(Jamzee), click here:

For the text guide on this, see below:

Step 1.

Click on this link

THEN Click “Add to Cart”

THEN Click on Cart upper right hand corner ==》 Continue to Check Out

Step 2.

It will ask you “Who referred you to youngevity?”

✅Use this username as your answer in that box:   “edstermabob” (OR ASK WHOEVER INVITED YOU FOR THEIRS)

(‘Saitama Spendthrift Trust’ is what will show once you hit “Submit”)

NEXT click submit

(IMPORTANT: That Your Sponsor’s Name Appears or they will not get credit!!)

Step 3.

Fill out form put credentials and credit card info for free spot

(Note: put in valid card credentials and submit but the system will not actually charge you when creating free account)

Once you do this you’ll have your own account.

You should then go back to and follow the same steps to make sure YOUR USERNAME shows YOUR NAME as enroller!

THEN you’ll be able to send these instructions to your personals and they can follow the same steps but you need to put YOUR USERNAME in the instructions so they sign up with you instead of me!

🟥 Critical NOTE: Make sure no one makes any actual product purchases or it can affect your coded rank! Get everyone in for FREE and get ready to Make the first actual purchase when the 8 Minute Trader launches live!


⚠️If you’re outside the US, once you’re on the sign up page, click the US flag at the top and change to your country. You will go through a different site to sign up. Use the following referrer ID so you’re added under me (if your country isn’t listed or isn’t working, let me know and I’ll give you more info on how you can still sign up): 102700206 (Ask whoever referred you for THEIR associate number(available in their back office).

To sign up temporarily if your country isn’t listed or not working, sign up in the US and use the following address: 2400 Boswell Rd, Chula Vista, CA 91914

To get through the payment details, you might need to call your bank to make sure that they will allow this to go through as it’s coming from the US (this is still free until you actually purchase a product, but you need to submit valid payment details to fully sign up and register)

Once your all setup, take special notes of the following information:
Click this link to join the 8 Minute Trader Official Channel:
To join our upline VIP group, click this link: