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This video goes over how to setup and use the automated script for BN Trust! Before you get started with the automated script, you must first setup your BN-Trust account…

For more information on BN Trust, see our training page here: Always use the referal link of the person who sent you this information, but if you need one, you can find our default on on the URL referenced above! ENJOY! —

For those wanting to use a paid version of the script, there is a multi-step process you must take. NOTE: It is recommended to use a VPS for running this script! I use VPSDime for mine.. Feel free to use my referral link to create your account with VPSDime:

Let’s get started….
STEP 1. DOWNLOAD THIS FILE. Extract folder to your desktop.
Step 2. You must send Send $25 USDT TRC-20 TZJdFLf8mkhonJVeAwcMwjy86Us9xkYhio Then Send Hash ID & screenshot of payment to @Sammiykay on Telegram or Julian Ray on Facebook. Sammiykay is the software engineer that created the script. —
Step 3. Setup the Script software. Once script is downloaded and payment is verified, you will extract the file to your desktop.

The first time the script runs, you enter your account details. Email – [email protected] Password – exampleofapassword it’s also going to ask you if you would like the script to collect refferal earnings You can type in true or false. PRESS ENTER. the script will run, and do a double check as well, then log out and start the 2h 10m timer.