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Here’s a side hustle that has the potential to generate thousands of dollars per day, and takes almost nothing to get started.

It’s cleaning trash cans.. its one of those things that everyone needs but no one wants to do. I’ve seen people charging up to $65 per can, and offer discounts on regular cleanings, if paid in advance.

You can easily make over $1100 in just 8 hours of work.

In the business plan near the bottom of this page, I’ll outline each step you need to take and the timing that you need to take it. You don’t need to get everything at once. You can stage all your purchases and expenses if money is an issue. All you’ll need basic transportation, a battery-operated pressure washer, a 5-gallon bucket of water, some cleaning solution, and some door hangers. Here are links to all the products and tools you’ll need. If you order them on Amazon using my links it helps me produce more content 🙂

How it works:

Start by creating a promotional door hanger, by heading over to Canva using the link in the description. Attach them to your neighbors’ trash cans after they’ve been emptied by the trash collector. Personalize them by handwriting your name and number on the back to increase conversions. Then you can expand this strategy block by block until you conquer the world! Bwahaha!

Need Help Designing YOUR door hangers? No problem… WE got you!

We have created all the files and instructions you need for the door hangers, which, in my mind, are the most important part to building your clientele the easiest way possible. Simple, clean, and attractive door hangers are a must, and if you don’t know how to do it, we are sharing ours with you!

Option 1: Only includes the canva templates, as well as instructions on how to edit them and then get them printed on Vistaprint.
Option 2: Includes everything from option 1, plus you also get the images customized with your own information already updated for you, ready to be uploaded(by you) to Vistaprint!

If you require more hands on help from people who have tried this side hustle, you can request coaching

Purchase your OPTIONAL Door Hanger Template Files!

Access to Door Hanger Files and Designs.

Instructions for Using Your Door Hanger Templates

The cleaning process is super simple. Schedule your cleaning to happen immediately after garbage collection. Just Spray, soap, and rinse the trash cans. For an added touch, attach a follow-up hanger offering special rewards for referring a neighbor.

In Depth Business Plan and Discussion Video

Need One-on-One Coaching?

The coaching program includes all files you need to launch your trash can cleaning business, and the associated instructions in addition to a single zoom meeting with a coach who understands this side Hussle, for up to 60 minutes! If you have any preference for the coach, please let us know.


The Full Business Plan

Step 1: Design and print your door hanger advertisements.

  • Design yourself, OR you can purchase my personalized designs(as mentioned above) that I’m using for my actual business. Kit includes design and instruction for the Advertising door hanger, AND the followup Door hanger.
    — Option 1: Canva Template, WITH instructions on how to customize and then use Vistaprint to print them.
    — Option 2: Everything from option 1, except your designs will be customized already for you to reflect your business name, and phone number.
    Important note: You don’t need to order both sets of door hangers at first if money is an issue. You can simply start with the promotional one, THEN after you have booked your cleaning appointments, you can order your followup hangers in time for your first appointments.

Step 2: Find out about the nearest trash schedule is to you.. maybe your own neighborhood. You can actually google search this as many municipalities include a trash collection schedule.. I recommend starting in your own neighborhood and working your way out from there. You will probably have more then enough work in your neighborhood to keep you busy enough to start with. Schedule time to attach door hangers to all trash cans in your neighborhood immediately following trash collection.

Step 3: Wait for scheduling calls. AFTER you book your appointment, buy your gear(please use these links, as they help support the creation of more content like this), and order your follow-up door hangers. Give yourself enough time for everything to come in. For instance. Let’s say you promote your business on a Tuesday, and you start receiving appointment calls on Wednesday, or Thursday. Go ahead and schedule your first cleaning appointment on Tuesday of the next week(since the garbage collection is on that day), and go ahead and immediately order your equipment from amazon, and your follow-up door hangers.:

  • Create your door hanging flyers on Canva and printed by office depot:
  • Craftsman battery powered pressure washer (Roughly $149):
  • Krud Kutter Multipurpose soap:
  • Multipurpose Lawn and Pest Control Chemical Sprayer:
  • BONUS! Get started with investing with Webull:
  • Consider getting some type of invoicing, and business management software. I personally use quickbooks.

    Pricing. $65 for one-time-cleaning. $45 for Monthly Cleaning(paid 12 months in advance). $35 for weekly cleanings(paid in 12 months in advance). $10 for each additional trash can.

Step 4: Fulfill your orders. Clean the trash can. Spray with soap, and rinse. Might wanna have a flat shovel, so you can scoop up any big trash.

When your done, you’ll want to attach the followup door hanger, which reminds them of the service you provided, and reminds them that you will reward them for sharing your service with others. Give 20% of the next service for EVERY referral. You may also want to send a photo to your client of the clean trash can.

Pro tips:

  • Record short videos about what you are doing. Before and after videos are amazing. Use an app like power director on your phone and edit the video a little throw some music on it, and add text promoting your business on social media.
  • Reward your customers for leaving positive reviews.
    — 24 hour followup call.
    — Ask how there service was.
    — IF they’re experience was anything less then 5 stars, you’ll want to fix that situation.
    — IF they’re experience was perfect, with a 5 star rating, THEN, and only then, you’ll want to ask them to leave you a review. Maybe like 20%.
  • Offer to clean your friends or families trash cans in exchange for them posting something positive about it(as we discussed in the full business plan video above)

Link to the original Video that inspired this topic: